Full Description

Support in Mind Scotland strives to improve the quality of life for anyone whose mental health problems or mental illness has a serious impact on their life and the lives of others, including family members, friends and supporters.

Mental illness is one of the major public health challenges in Scotland with around one in three people estimated to be affected by mental illness in any one year. Sadly, stigma and discrimination still exist around mental health leaving so many people afraid to seek the help they need.

Support in Mind Scotland is a membership organisation with over 800 members across Scotland, and they aim to uphold the rights of anyone living with poor mental health to have their voices heard nationally and locally to inform and influence policy and service development. As an organisation, they strive to be person-centred and not service led. Involving and engaging everyone that they support in decision-making about services and what the organisation does is a central tenet. Support in Mind Scotland wants to ensure that everything they do has tangible benefits for people affected by mental illness or mental health problems.

Across Scotland, various structures have been set up and developed to provide direct services and information to vulnerable people with serious mental illness, their Carers and those who support them. Support in Mind Scotland provides a voice to their members and those affected by mental ill-health across the country through advocacy, political engagement, policy and public affairs activity and awareness-raising consultations. The charity is at the forefront in the battle to challenge stigma and raise awareness of mental health and the impact that mental illness has on individuals and families. As a founding member and partner in Mental Health UK, they are leaders in the development of services and projects in Scotland as part of a UK-wide strategy.

The CEO will be responsible for leading and managing Support in Mind Scotland while implementing short and long-term strategies. Externally, they will engage and develop strong and sustainable relationships with key stakeholders including central and local government, NHS, Public Health Scotland, Mental Welfare Commission, other charities and the wider public. As CEO, they will become an influential voice in Support in Mind Scotland and the wider mental health field. Internally, they will work collaboratively with the staff team, members and board to ensure the organisation takes an inclusive, rights-based approach to its work and develops in line with its vision and values. The CEO must ensure the economic viability and financial welfare and sustainability of Support in Mind Scotland.

To be considered for the role of CEO at Support in Mind Scotland, you must have senior management experience within a similar or broadly similar organisation. As the leader of the charity, you must have a track record in effective leadership, operational management and the proven ability to work successfully with staff while meeting other daily challenges. You will bring proven knowledge and experience in strategic thinking and planning alongside experience leading organisational development and growth that balances ambitions with resources. This is a prominent public-facing role and experience of similar with a record of public speaking, networking, engagement and representation is required. Your experience in this area will be underpinned by strong interpersonal skills, demonstrable empathy to the needs of others and an ability to develop strong sustainable networks and relationships with key stakeholders. Knowledge of mental health law and regulations as well as a sound understanding of the mental health field and the part that Support in Mind Scotland plays in it will be required.

How To Apply

Please email us at [email protected] or call us on 01786 542 224 to request an information pack, full job description and person specification.

You are advised to get in touch well in advance of the closing date to give us time to consider your application and pre-interview the strongest applicants.

Closing Date: Midday, Tuesday 10th August

First stage Interview Date: Thursday 19th August

Second stage Interview Date: Friday 20th August

This search is being conducted exclusively for Support in Mind Scotland by BTA (Bruce Tait Associates). Our leadership team have all worked in the voluntary sector and we use this experience to match organisations and individuals to create great appointments.